How joined up is your labelling?

You may have heard or read that here at Kallik we believe the only effective means of managing the plethora of labelling changes driven by regulatory changes, product updates and entry into new markets is to work from structured content. It’s no surprise others agree with us on this point. Serialisation, UDI and IDMP each require a more granular approach to managing labelling content. It’s not going to be easy to adapt to change if you stay rooted in a document centric world. The only workable solution will be to embark on your document to data journey and we’re here to help you plan your itinerary.

Before we do that, we felt it would be valuable to share our vision and help you to visualise a world where everyone involved in the labelling and artwork process – from Regulatory Affairs to final print production – is fully connected and empowered to execute their roles. Working with one of our key partners, DXC Technology (formerly known as CSC), we’ve created a brand new white paper that both talks to the issues and presents the case for change.

We also know that success is more than choosing the right technology. It’s about creating an environment that encourages greater collaboration and ownership right across the supply chain by making life easier for the user. We’re hoping that this white paper goes someway to showing you what can be achieved once you take the first step in joining up the dots across you’re labelling estate.

To download our ‘Connecting the Dots across the Labelling Life Cycle’ white paper, please register here.