Roadmap to Automation

Recognising that each of its customers are unique, Kallik makes it easier to achieve a faster return on investment by taking an incremental approach to artwork creation and automation. Where structured content is readily approved and available, cost savings and quality improvements can easily be achieved from day one, but this is often not the case for smaller organisations.

Evolving from document centric processes to a joined-up and fully traceable content driven approach may require a process of controlled migration and carefully planned transition. However, once captured as digital assets, organisations can quickly move from document centric to data centric artwork management, driving unprecedented efficiencies right across creation, approval and change cycles. Our ‘roadmap to automation’ recognises these challenges, allows organisations to migrate to more effective methods at their own pace whilst simplifying and de-risking change management.


1: Asset Management
The roadmap starts with the simple adoption of AMS90 – Kallik’s approved asset management solution. Mapping existing ways of working into the Kallik has been shown to ease the technology adoption process across an organisation while delivering striking efficiency savings. AMS90 is low in cost, very easy to configure and brings very quick efficiency wins – typically, 75% improvements to review and approval cycles are reported within six months of adoption.

2: Artwork Approval Management
The next important step is to engage artworkers and graphic studios. Evolving from AMS90 to Kallik AMS180 allow companies to incorporate artwork creation review and approval steps within the centralised asset management platform through embedded workflows and an interface to studio teams.

This method has all the benefits of the studio process with the addition of enhanced data flow and removal of the need for copy and pasting from documents. The solution provides full business reporting tools, offering total transparency and timestamped audit reports spanning the creation and approval process thereby demonstrating full end-to-end compliance.

3. Complete Artwork Management
The final transition is achieved with AMS360, that empowers companies to integrate, manage and transform content and translations used across all printed collateral on a global basis.

Making this final transition to AMS360 allows you to drive changes directly into packaging and product labelling artwork in a fraction of the time it takes in any existing or conventional process – en masse – almost at the touch of a button.

All of this is achieved using the same single cloud-based platform to manage all of your labelling and artwork needs, in a way that is fully GxP & CFR21 part 11 compliant and very simple to adopt.

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