Kallik Services – Implementation, Validation, Training & Support

Whichever Kallik solution you choose, we can provide a range of additional consultancy, training and adoption acceleration services. These are designed to reduce the time involved in deploying and benefiting from our solutions, further streamlining your labelling and packaging artwork generation process.

Our end-to-end services include:

Implementation & training

Although Kallik’s modular software suite is designed to work out of the box or at the flick of a switch, the results will be optimised if the solutions have been configured to meet the specific needs of the target users.

Starting by documenting your existing business processes, our experts will apply their considerable experience to come up with the best configuration for your organisation, along with a roadmap for migrating to the new way of working.

Our goal is to keep the implementation time and associated costs to a minimum by drawing on proven methodology and using ‘active prototyping’ – where we bring a solution to life very quickly so that users can see up front exactly what they’ll be getting.

We customise all training too, to suit the particular needs of the target users.  

Our global partners, such as Kalypso and Dr Maier, bring award-winning expertise where products such as Oracle Agile PLM may be part of the overall solution.

Data Migration

Kallik’ own data ingestion tools together with data cleansing tools and services from our partner Valiance ensures that legacy data and files can be rapidly moved into Kallik AMS.

Validation services

Given the heavily regulated nature of the markets we serve, Kallik offers validation support services for our entire range of solutions to ensure that all deployments meet the strictest quality standards.

A standard validation process for enterprise software can take anything up to two years and tie up several people full time, but thanks to Kallik’s validation scripting this can all be achieved within a month, reducing the complexity, risk and cost of software validation.

Our validation offerings include:

  • Complete validation documentation. Our Master Validation plan includes Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operational Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ)
  • On-site validation execution by a Kallik technician who will work with your validation department on site to execute the validation process
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) generation, handled by Kallik’s team of technical writers

Standard support

Once the Kallik system is fully operational, our support team will ensure that you have fast and continuous support to maximise your investment.

We actively engage our clients in our beta programmes and regular meetings ensure that we drive our product roadmap with your business needs at the forefront of our minds.

All customers covered by our cloud or on-premise maintenance support programme receive

  • Software updates – to keep your Kallik products current
  • Technical support assistance from skilled and experienced personnel
  • Regular webinars on new release functionality
  • Automatic consideration for Kallik’s software beta programme, giving you a chance to preview and test software prior to general release
  • Advance and exclusive notification of software promotions