Integrated cloud-based labelling & artwork management

Kallik is a provider of integrated, cloud based labelling and artwork management solutions for highly regulated industries. Our customers span medical device, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics as well as other industry verticals. Our goal is to help industry accelerate time to market, reduce risk of costly product recalls and drive global expansion.

Our solutions enable labelling and artwork content to be intelligently and securely managed as digital assets, simplifying content discovery and reuse whilst ensuring extreme accuracy across all artwork creation and print processes.

Kallik’s flagship enterprise product, AMS360print, helps drive quality across all areas of artwork creation and labelling through to the end product – whether print or electronic media. Every decision taken by contributors, reviewers and approvers is time-stamped and easily searchable. Time to value is shortened and audit reports take seconds – even across highly distributed global supply chains.

Designed to support the entire labelling and artwork management process from change order management through to factory floor printing, users can quickly and reliably collate the latest approved content from a range of sources to automatically generate artwork and deliver compliant output in seconds.

Our software is easily integrated with other applications allowing content originating elsewhere to be imported straight into the Kallik system, boosting efficiency and reducing errors often caused by manual data entry. Kallik’s labelling & artwork management solutions provide a complete and consistent integrated approach for:

  • PLM extension and integration
  • Label content management
  • Accurate artwork creation
  • Artwork approval routing and compliance
  • Asset management, including translation memory
  • Supply chain integration with file delivery and supplier audit
  • Quality inspection
  • Print-on-demand factory labelling

Kallik’s cloud-based solution manages all of the labelling content that appears on print, packaging and electronic media as digital content. Approved text, phrases and graphics (such as logos and symbols) can be identified and reused in seconds. We capture this data along with any external content within an artwork brief as individual assets. This significantly reduces time and complexity searching for approved content, allowing any combination of approved phrases, translations and imagery to be reliably discovered, reused and tracked.

These assets are held and managed centrally at a master, regional or country level ensuring there is always a single version of the truth to work from. Approved artwork components can be accessed quickly for reuse in any number of different configurations. These include phrases, local translations, mandatory symbols, logos as well as approved original text. Where previously locating artworks impacted by product or regulatory changes might have taken hundreds of man hours using traditional tools and processes, ‘Kallik’s ‘Where Used’ feature does this in just seconds..

This ability to quickly discover and retrieve approved artwork assets vastly reduces both asset duplication and the time spent editing and re-creating content. By simplifying asset creation, discovery and approval, Kallik’s software dramatically accelerates product label generation cycles. Automated and structured workflows underpinning the creation, edit, review and approval processes provide accurate business intelligence insight enabling more targeted action to resolve potential bottlenecks and process disconnects.

Achieving consistent quality

Managing the quality and consistency of the brief or instructions to the artwork team is one of the most important but often overlooked factors influencing overall quality. Our approach contrasts with that of alternative solutions by not only managing the content but also controlling how it is used downstream. This reduces the errors typically introduced in the creation process.
Kallik software produces typical benefits on the following scale:

  • Briefing the changes needed to any labelling content takes a quarter of the time.
  • Time taken to amend artwork is radically reduced – from up to four hours to less than two minutes!
  • Artwork authoring errors are more than halved through improved control of the artwork brief. The ability to treat this as electronic content rather than flat documents ensures consistent and compliant messaging and eliminates data duplication.
  • Relevant/affected labels (i.e.. containing a particular statement or image) can be found and changed in seconds!
  • Artwork approval process reduced by up to 70%.

Welcome to a smarter, simpler and more compliant way to manage global packaging and labelling output.


Fast and affordable access

Kallik’s software is highly modular and can be either deployed on a company’s network, or delivered on a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, managed remotely in the cloud.
The cloud/SaaS option offers a numbers of additional benefits, including:

  • No capital outlay (the software cost is now a predictable and affordable monthly expense)
  • Access to advanced applications previously only available to the largest of companies
  • Elimination of headaches associated with managing and maintaining deployed applications
  • Faster implementation
  • Single point of contact for support – from network to applications
  • Decreased risk associated with technology acquisition
  • Ease of integrating multiple applications
  • The ability to run applications on a global basis, with flexible access
  • Continuous access to the latest, state of-the-art technology