Artwork Approval

Whatever the artwork creation method employed – whether Apple Mac, In Design integration with Kallik, or fully automated artwork generation, Kallik software provides a secure, compliant and collaborative review, approval and sign-off process. Each asset is stored with a full audit trail including compliant electronic signatures, whilst a powerful search facility allows users to find the correct assets quickly and easily.

Authorised users can upload, route and manage artwork and other documents for approval with ease, with and any number of documents can be uploaded and attached to support the review task.

All final approved artworks are saved and version controlled within Kallik’s Digital Asset Manager, ensuring they are always accessible to authorised users. This provides a complete history of the artwork development process that is fully traceable and audible, requiring no human overhead and provide essential records for companies that need to provide detailed reports, etc.

By using these approval and archive solutions in conjunction with Kallik’s quality inspection tools, managers can have confidence that all authorised users are checking any new files against the correct approved versions.

For more information about Kallik’s suite of Artwork Management solutions watch CEO Neil Gleghorn’s series of videos on the Kallik YouTube Channel.