Artwork Creation and Automation

Ensure accurate artwork creation

Kallik’s solution is designed to allow you to utilise the approved managed structured data to be used for multiple artwork authoring methods, from conventional studio production through to a unique, fully automated method. Typically, in the creative world, artwork teams will work using multiple graphics tools which can sometimes affect consistency. Kallik will move you and your organisation to a more efficient process while recognising that all artwork is not the same and that a range different tools and approaches will, therefore, be needed.

Kallik provides three methods for artwork authoring, all of which support double-byte and Cyrillic character sets allowing compliant materials to be produced for international markets including Russia, the Middle East and the Far East. More advanced artwork creation automation is also possible using Kallik AMS360’s Automated Artwork Generator. This enables business users to reliably convert approved content into complex artwork – ready for print within seconds, and without recourse to the studio. Each of these steps is outlined below:

1. ‘Conventional’ Studio Creation

This method supports conventional artwork studios – these might be in-house, outsourced or a mix of both. By including these studios in the overall workflow process and clearly presenting them with the data and documents they need to do their job we reduce communication errors, improve efficiency and provide a transparent and audited activity log.

Kallik enables this conventional approach to be managed as a single, joined-up process. Mapping existing ways of working into the Kallik has been shown to eases the technology adoption process across an organisation while delivering striking efficiency savings.

2. Semi-Automated Artwork Creation

This method has all the benefits of the studio process with the addition of enhanced data flow and removal of the need for copy and pasting from documents. With this approach, internal and/or studio based Artworkers work directly from approved content stored within Kallik’s solution. Using Kallik’s AMSCascade plug-in, content is cascaded directly into Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or QuarkXpress. All data types including text, images and barcodes are supported, transforming the artwork creation and change process while driving out the cut-and-paste errors inherent in a conventional way of working.

This semi-automated artwork creation solution eliminates ‘copy and paste’ issues, driving changes directly into artwork at the touch of a button. It guarantees artwork quality, improves brand and technical consistency, and dramatically reduces artwork cycle times.

3. Automated Artwork Generation

Getting the content exactly right on all labelling, packaging and point-of-sale materials involves considerable effort. Where manual or even semi-automated artwork production methods are still in use this data can be accidentally changed or even deleted, leading in some cases to product recalls and at best multiple artwork versions and wasted time on approval processes.

Automating the artwork production process produces significant savings and removes all opportunity for human error in the artwork process.

Kallik’s Automated Artwork Generator (AAG) is a powerful platform that provides the ability to convert approved content into complex artwork – allowing the relevant business user to create print-ready artwork in seconds.

Key benefits

  • Supports closer collaboration and seamless content sharing with internal and external studios, as well as rapid, reliable artwork generation directly by business users
  • Consistency of all content is assured between all of your business’s packaging, labelling, brands, businesses, languages and international markets.
  • Average processing times are reduced from days to just seconds, significantly reducing your product’s time to market
  • Accurate artwork is delivered every time, reducing the risk of costly product recalls due to labelling issues
  • Improved efficiency and communication with creative studios, increasing capacity and reducing costs
  • Integrated KPI reports and dashboards provide answers to the “why does the artwork process always let us down” type questions. The answers are often different to the business’s perceptions
  • One place for all activity logs, enabling at-a-glance transparency

For more information on our Artwork Creation and Automations Solutions we can arrange a demo at a time that suits you.