Asset Management

All approved documents, artwork and graphics, as well as related assets such as legal statements and country translations, are held indexed and retrieved in Kallik’s AMS360 Digital Asset Manager. This secure, central asset repository supports any file type including images, videos, audio clips and office documents providing easy coordination of sales materials, logos, technical drawings and branded imagery. A powerful search facility ensures the correct, latest assets can be retrieved quickly and easily.

The Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is much more than a place to store completed assets. It is an integrated part of the whole AMS360 system allowing approved label symbols, images and logos to be imported into the artwork brief from the central asset repository. This ensures a full change history is maintained, tracking all interim versions of assets and artworks right through to the final approved version.

This central resource provides the ultimate reference point for managing, routing, approving and distributing assets. A powerful search facility allows you to find the correct assets quickly and easily.

Integration with Kallik AMS

The Asset Manager forms a key part of all of Kallik’s AMS solutions. As an example, in the Artwork Approval Manager, all usual overheads associated with updating the asset database and ensuring accurate indexing is removed. All files approved in Kallik’s Artwork Approval Manager are automatically uploaded, indexed and versioncontrolled – with no user input required. This integrated feature saves hours of time and effort and ensures the library is always up to date. The Asset Manager is also used in Kallik’s Labelling Content management and full Artwork Management Solution.

Full lifecycle management is also a feature of Kallik’s Asset Manager. Workflow routing, automated versioning, full audit trail and electronic signatures ensure that assets are correctly approved, managed and delivered to the relevant users


  • Feature-rich – Our Digital Asset Management software has a wealth of features and is robust, easy to use and lightning fast!
  • Final print-file distribution functionality – Print-ready files can be pulled directly from the central Asset Manager, removing the need to create new versions locally, and providing a full time-stamped audit trail of the action.
  • Easy-to-use interface – Powerful search methods including Explorer Tree and keyword search.
  • Customisable – Easily configured to support any file type and any user-definable metadata indexes.
  • Integrated quality toolkit – Used in conjunction with Kallik’s quality inspection tools, this allows easy comparison between asset versions.
  • Secure – Role-based access allows you to configure who can see and edit assets.
  • Scalable – Server application installed on premise or delivered via our cloud service.
  • Rapid deployment – Configuration is simple yet highly flexible.

Managing translations

With the ever-spiralling increase in legislation, the demand for precise asset usage, storage instructions, legally-approved phrases and multi-language versions, creates a great need for companies to have a simple yet effective method of collating local market translation requirements. Kallik’s AMS Translation option, AMS-TX, provides exactly that. From multiple phrase types (eg. Safety, Usage, Disposal, etc), to multiple Country/Language combinations or ‘Locales’ (eg. Suisse-Francais, Suisse-Deutsche etc), through to multiple revisions, AMS-TX keeps users in control of multi-variant text.

Full integration with all other Kallik solutions ensures that the translated copy is stored and, with no additional filtering or re-keying, can be utilised in artwork briefs and artwork authoring processes.

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