Labelling Content Collation

Kallik AMS360 takes a controlled, collaborative approach to content collation and change management, systematically involving regulatory experts, marketing personnel, artworkers and print & packaging teams. Everything is handled in a natural and transparent way using structured workflow, rather than emails which can often overlap or be overlooked.

Kallik AMS360 allows content to be pulled from a range of external sources, including Regulatory Information Management (RIM) systems, legacy applications, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms. This avoids the need to copy and paste content between systems.

Content assets are held and managed centrally at a master, regional or country level so there is always a single version of the truth to work from. Approved artwork components, which can be accessed quickly for reuse in any number of different configurations, include mandatory symbols, logos and approved local translations as well as approved original text. The difference in turnaround in adopting this approach is substantial. Where simply locating all artworks which need changing due to a change in regulations or imagery might take a company hundreds of man hours using traditional tools and processes, the same ‘Where Used’ task takes only seconds using Kallik AMS360.

Thanks to our data-centric workflow and intuitive user interface, business users can review artworks and initiate changes directly without the need to engage specialist resources. This enables organisations to focus scarce resources on core tasks.


  • ERP & PLM integration – for joined-up content management, and greater efficiency and accuracy
  • Phrase and translation management – ensuring approved, locally compliant assets can be managed, quickly located and importantly consistently used for all markets and languages
  • Collaborative content data collection, so all experts are involved – naturally, efficiently and prompted by structured workflows
  • Manuscript approval & sign-off – driven by workflow and with full transparency, accelerating time to market
  • Automated creation of project, approval and user interaction history