Quality Inspection

Not leaving anything to chance, Kallik provides intelligent, automated quality inspection tools to enable digital cross-checking of content, even where one document is in print form. Quality assurance teams can compare like with like in seconds, confident that discrepancies will be automatically highlighted.

Quality assurance personnel can access Kallik’s inspection tools online from anywhere in the world, at any point in the process. Detailed reports are generated that highlight any differences or errors, clearly indicating the corrective action to be taken. Reports are filed as part of the history log and audit trail within Kallik AMS.

Kallik’s inspection tools increase the speed and efficiency of the review process, and reduce the risk of product recalls.

Key features:

  • Compares artwork during the approval process and immediately identifies what has changed
  • Compares assets in the digital asset library and sees what changed between different approved versions
  • Locates and verifies barcodes in seconds
  • Braille characters can be decoded to allow content to be reviewed
  • Complies with CFR21 Part 11
  • Interfaces with Kallik AMS Project Warehouse to ensure that the correct versions are being checked against

Print Inspection Tool

Kallik’s Print Inspection Tool (powered by Global Vision) prevents errors in printed components entering the supply chain.

Simply scan the proof or printed sample and compare it with the master PDF to discover any deviations from the approved artwork PDF. The generated report is then logged into the history of the component in AMS, ensuring a full and complete inspection audit trail. Avoid costly and time-consuming reprints and reworks by using Kallik’s print Inspection Tool.

Watch CEO Neil Gleghorn presenting on the Kallik YouTube Channel how Kallik Artwork Management solution can work together to benefit your business.