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LogiMed USA 2020

Postponed Until Autumn

LogiMed brings together top VPs and Directors from both the manufacturing and provider sides of the medical device supply chain. In an interactive and collaborative format, you’ll identify best practices to improve your end-to-end supply chain, better serve customers and minimize cost in today’s evolving healthcare environment.

Medical Device & Diagnostic Labeling Conference

Postponed Until Autumn

Join Kallik at the 10th edition of the flagship Medical Device & Diagnostic Labeling Conference where medical device professionals will gather to exchange ideas with thought leaders, regulators, solution providers and peers, through enhanced networking, interactive learning formats and engaging discussions.

Past Events

Pharma Packaging and Labeling East Coast 2020

Feb 19th 2020, Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue

Pharma and Device Packaging and Labeling West Coast 2019

Nov 13th 2019, Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront

Pharma and Device Packaging and Labeling Europe 2019

Sep 10th 2019, Hilton Munich Airport


Lessons and Leftover Challenges from MDR Preparations

As new device identification and traceability measures become compulsory in 2020, under the new EU Medical Device Regulation, Bob Tilling, new business development manager at Kallik, explores the residual issues that remain for manufacturers.

E-labelling: Best-practice advice for the medical device industry

As regulatory changes, public demand and pure economics drive more labelling content online, what are the considerations for managing all of this? Kallik’s Graham Francis offers some best-practice advice.

Treating a label like a machine Is transformational

In its bid to comply more readily and effectively with ever-evolving safety and quality standards, internationally, from EMA’s implementation of ISO IDMP to new FDA Pharm Quality/CMC specifications, the pharma industry could learn a lot from medical device manufacturers about effective enterprise labelling change management across the lifecycle of products.

Why a Modular Approach to Content is the Way Forward for Labelling Management

The pharmaceutical industry may well have a head-start on compliance with product transparency requirements, after years of fulfilling strict market regulations around accurate and safety-oriented labeling. Yet medical device manufacturers have the advantage of an engineering mindset, which lends itself to a modular approach to preparing and managing labeling content globally in a reliable and efficient way - best practice which could benefit adjacent industries…

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