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Tamworth, UK – 24 September 2012 – Global provider of labelling and artwork management solutions, Kallik,  today announced that global medical device specialist Coloplast A/S will begin rolling out its AMS360™ artwork management solution in January. Coloplast, headquartered in Humlebaek, Denmark, supplies specialist medical therapy products across the world, with products in three main categories: urology; ostomy; and wound and skin care. Its customers are hospitals, institutions, wholesalers and retailers. The company, which employs over 7,000 people, has production facilities in Denmark, Hungary, France, China and the US, in addition to international custom manufacturing facilities.


The aim is that the Kallik AMS360 solution will connect all of these production facilities, following the project roll out scheduled for early next year. Built on a powerful phrase management and asset repository foundation, AMS360 is a comprehensive end-to-end artwork management system that provides full control of approved legal and regulatory labelling information, while managing all localised and translated texts for every target sales region. The solution transforms the managed content into master label artworks, automatically generating these for use within the production facilities worldwide. A fully visible, manageable process means Coloplast will be able to maintain consistent, branded artwork and imagery across its multiple product ranges.


Explaining the company’s reasons for choosing Kallik, Jette Byg, Coloplast’s Head of Labelling & Packaging, says, “We were about to upgrade our internal systems when we saw Kallik at an exhibition, bringing a completely different perspective to the way we could manage our content management activities. “Our processes have been largely manual until now. All of our labelling and packaging content has been stored as artwork files, so every change has meant a real headache and could take months to implement, requiring approvals of local translations from 30-40 countries, incurring ongoing risk.” “Kallik centralises everything and uses a database to store approved content, which only needs to be amended in one place. We will be able to re-use approved sentences, so we won’t have to get each change approved in every territory. The impact of this will be huge.” Coloplast estimates that, as a result of using the Kallik AMS solution, it will be able to reduce its labelling and packaging resources due to much shorter change management cycles. It will minimise instances of wrong labels being printed, and product recalls. Ensuring products go out with correct, readable labels will enhance its image as a company too.