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BSN Medical Reduces Its Artwork Costs and Gains Greater Process Transparency

Hamburg-based BSN Medical is a global leader in the worldwide healthcare market, specialising in the areas of Compression Therapy, Wound Care and Orthopaedics. By adopting Kallik’s Veraciti solution, the organization has been able to automate the creation of its largest category of artworks — resulting in fewer re-works, boosted cost efficiencies and increased visibility across the artwork approval process.


Since deploying Veraciti, we have significantly reduced our artwork creation costs. We are now working with Kallik on a broader strategy to increase the volume of artworks that can be automated, a step we will bring even more financial benefits for the organization.

David Jansen, Artwork Process Manager PMO Global R&D and Artwork, BSN medical, Hamburg

Prior to implementing Veraciti from Kallik, the company was experiencing unacceptable delays with its artwork approval process. Artwork assets routed via email to key stakeholders for review and approval were often lost or deleted. And as volumes increased, it was becoming harder and harder to manage iterations and maintain a full and 100% accurate record of changes.

"As a global organization, many of our stakeholders were heavily reliant on robust communications for artwork review and approval," comments David Jansen, the company’s Artwork Process Manager, PMO R&D and Artwork. "Our existing paper-based process made this time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated. We tried to introduce improvements by expanding our use of ‘off-the-shelf point solutions’, but license costs made this uneconomic."

To be able to support global business growth while maintaining downward pressure on costs, BSN Medical’s leadership needed to move away from traditional manual processes which artificially limited it to creating 400 artworks per annum. As Jansen notes, "We realized that the only way to scale economically would be to automate as much of our artwork creation as possible."

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How Kallik Helped:

Recognizing the limitations imposed by their existing processes, BSN Medical set out to procure a new enterprise-wide labeling and artwork management solution. It was essential that any new solution would provide greater transparency, increased accountability and enable a leaner way of working, Jansen notes.

"Kallik's product was far more advanced and robust than anything we saw from its competitors," he adds. "Veraciti's unique selling point was its Automated Artwork Generator. This enabled us to both rationalize and fully automate our largest artwork category (Wound Care), reducing lead time and production costs. This attractive functionality ended up being a major factor in our selection criteria."


Since deploying Veraciti, BSN medical has removed all its previous dependency on using external studios for a significant number of its artworks. “The other key benefit is that we now have all our approved assets in one place,” Jansen enthuses. “The beauty of Kallik’s solution is that all artworks are linked to their corresponding assets such as labeling content, logos, images or final print files, making it an easy task to prove compliance.”

Key stakeholders have also benefited.
The ‘Where Used’ function in Veraciti enables the regulatory function to search for any artworks that contain a specific phrase, logo, or image, a feature that has proved to be invaluable when identifying and updating all artworks impacted by a regulatory
or product change.

Furthermore, with Veraciti’s time-stamped audit trails, time is no longer wasted trawling through emails and documents searching for the latest approved version.

Jansen continues: “Another benefit is the ability to manage and prioritize artwork creation globally using due dates and tasks captured within the solution. Being cloud-based, this process is now much simpler to share tasks across a global team of reviewers and approvers, thereby maximizing the use of available resources for high priority tasks. Meanwhile, registering a new product for distribution is also much easier as in-country teams have full access to the relevant approved artworks. This has reduced time to market for new product launches.”

Next steps for BSN Medical are to expand the use of Veraciti’s automated artwork capability across its labeling estate, further reducing the costs and delays incurred through conventional artwork authoring methods. BSN medical is also working with Kallik experts to identify the next batch of artworks that can be automated — a step the team says will bring even more financial benefits to the organization.

Veraciti™ Global Source of Labeling Truth

Business benefits at a glance:

25% Reduction in Cost

Annual artwork creation costs reduced by 25%, with even further reductions predicted

25% Cost Reduction

40% Lifecycle Decrease

Artwork creation and approval lifecycle down 40%

40% Reduction in Artwork Times

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