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Mary Kay Simplifes Entry into New Markets and Reduces Operational Overheads

For more than half a century, Texas-headquartered Mary Kay Inc. has been empowering women while also changing the world of business. Growing into a multibillion-dollar company with millions of independent sales force members in nearly 40 countries, Mary Kay is dedicated to investing in the science behind beauty and to offering the consumer cutting-edge skin care, color cosmetics, fragrances and nutritional supplements.

Kallik’s Veraciti solution has enabled the team to successfully migrate its global labeling and artwork processes from a document driven process to a truly content-centric approach. This evolution has led to greater levels of productivity, as well as helped the brand respond to an ever-increasing level of regulatory driven changes.

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“Veraciti has vastly simplified our entry into new markets such as South America, as in countries such as Columbia we needed to have country specific data on labeling and packaging.”

Colleen Maxwell, Digital Media & IT Professional, Mary Kay, Inc.

Having successfully developed a presence in nearly 40 global markets, Mary Kay was becoming increasingly aware that its existing labeling systems and artwork creation processes were approaching end of life. This reliance on a legacy approach meant that the entering and editing of content was limited to just one location, which was leading to duplication of effort and a lack of clear ownership. In turn, this impacted response times to regulatory driven changes, potentially risking non-compliance in vital non-US markets.

“We needed a system that could go global,” comments the company’s Manager, Creative Business Packaging, Emma Polman. “We also wanted team members entering data to be able to take greater ownership of their own content, as we saw this driving an improvement in quality. Expanding our global footprint has also increased the number of regulatory driven changes we’ve needed to respond to, requiring a solution that could track and trace pack copy changes centrally.”

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How Kallik Helped:

During the selection process, Polman and her team evaluated several different vendor offerings, but none had the full circle approach to packaging artwork that Kallik’s Veraciti offered. Kallik was able to satisfy Mary Kay’s requirements for a solution that could:

  • Capture needed copy data 
  • Send the design brief to the artist/designer 
  • Route the artwork for review and approval, while automatically generating an audit trail 
  • Reduce internal network costs by leveraging cloud infrastructure to engage with external partners. 

As she notes, “Kallik’s unique selling point was the ability to automate artwork. Kallik was the only company that could deliver this functionality.”


Since deploying Veraciti, Mary Kay has experienced a measurable reduction in the time taken to create and edit labeling artworks. Resulting productivity gains have in turn enabled valuable and scarce resources to take on additional marketing projects, without impacting artwork creation timescales. 

Having now optimized its core labeling processes, Mary Kay is also extending new best practices into other areas of content creation, including promotional materials, Polman adds. “We can now push data automatically from one system to another, which saves time and reduces risk of errors,” she confirms. “In addition, the ability for Kallik’s Veraciti to easily integrate into Agile and PIM systems means projects can be easily started ensuring a single source of truth.”

However, it’s clear internally that the most powerful impact has been through Kallik’s ‘Where Used’ functionality, she adds. “This enables users to search and locate artwork files, logos and phrases impacted by regulatory changes at the touch of a button.”

Veraciti’s labeling and artwork platform has allowed Mary Kay to also measure actual progress with its on-board BI reporting tool, she states: “We can now accurately determine where additional emphasis needs to be placed within the business process, and are no longer guessing. This both increases the impact, and lessens the disruption of corrective actions taken.”

With all labeling content now stored as unique and re-usable digital assets, Mary Kay not only uses the solution for labeling and packaging, but also for creating other marketing collateral such as printed and on-line brochures — something it acknowledges would have been far beyond the reach of its previous document management workflow.

VeracitiTM Global Source of Labeling Truth

Business benefits at a glance:

End-to-End Optimization

Mary Kay has acheived optimization of core labeling processes that were previously manual and unefficient

Mary Kay selects Kallik

Seamless Data Management

Company can now push data automatically from one system to another, saving time and reducing the risk of error

Mary Kay Streamlines Processes

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