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COVID-19 Supply Chain & Labeling Healthcheck Webinar

How ready is your business to work with a reduced supply chain headcount?

  • How are your current labeling & artwork processes affected by work from home and/or reduced headcount - can you get products out the door?
  • Can you close gaps caused by COVID-19 with better labeling automation?
  • Are you prepared in case of another lockdown?
  • Can you easily offer new essential product lines?


Webinar Overview

In 45 minutes Kallik will help you walk through an easy assessment that will help you evaluate the health of your supply chain in the middle of a global pandemic. Walk away with a roadmap of ways you can improve the health of your business, followed by a 15 minutes question and answer session.

User Photo

Dave Tarbuck

VP Global Customer Success

David is a highly-experienced expert in packaging, cloud-based software delivery, and associated project and change management, making him ideally placed to oversee the client experience at Kallik.

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