Do Your Customers Trust Your Label And Your Brand? eBook

Do Your Customers Trust Your Label And Your Brand? eBook
6 Pages


In a digitally-connected world, where it’s easier than ever for customers to look up reviews about a brand or product online, manufacturers must work harder than ever to build and maintain public trust.

In this eBook, read about how trust and labeling are intrinsically connected and what steps organizations of all sizes should take to ensure their labeling processes continue to instil trust in their end consumers. 



Each point of handling and handover presents a point of risk that needs to be managed – to ensure that the finished item as it arrives with a customer bears the intended stamp of quality.



Before the public can have trust in a brand and in its labeling, there must be a high level of confidence internally in branding and labeling integrity – that is, within the organization with legal responsibility for the product.

Quote from eBook: "Each product, wherever it ends up in the world, must be assured of carrying correct and current information – not just about what’s inside, but about the manufacturer and marketing authorization holder. That includes the correct branding and company information, the latest safety symbols, and up-to-date user advice. And, beyond any special local requirements, this must be consistent from one market to the next, and with user information published online."

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