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Ensure strategic alignment with both existing and emerging labeling and artwork legislation in the chemicals industry

Specialists in Chemical Labeling

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Minimize the risk to distributor and consumer health with accurate, compliant and legible safety statements and symbols


Minimize brand damage and revenue erosion by eliminating supply chain discrepancies though label reconciliation


Reduce the risk of errors being introduced by minimizing the human element involved in making simple decisions

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Ensure labeling aligns with chemical safety data sheets for transparency from formulations and processes to finished product


Accelerate time-to-market through process improvement visualized through comprehensive real-time reporting and analytics

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Ensure compliance with CLP, GHS, COSHH, EPA and NHTSA regulations and labeling requirements

labeing and artwork management for chemical industry


The needs and demands of labeling stakeholders within chemical companies may differ from market to market. Today’s increasingly competitive environment demands a focus on reducing manufacturing costs, improving safety and mitigating against the risk of counterfeit products entering the supply chain. 

Being able to demonstrate your product and package labeling aligns with safety data sheets and carries the correct hazard statements, precautionary statements and pictograms, is essential to ensure continuous supply.  Forward-looking companies like yours are choosing Veraciti™ to automate their decision processes, ensuring compliance with local market regulations and protecting consumer safety.