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Kallik's particular focus, expertise and automation technology aligns strategically with evolving labeling and artwork legislation and supports the dynamic brand strategies of the cosmetics industry

Understanding the Cosmetics Industry

Safe 1

Simplify the role of ‘responsible persons’ in guaranteeing that product labeling meets cosmetic safety requirements 

Compliant 2

Ensure cosmetic product labeling conforms with requirements contained within FDA and EU legislation

Accurate 0

Deliver consistent labeling imagery and statements on all packaging and promotional materials

Rocket 1

Increase capacity, quality and speed to market while decreasing operational costs


Ensure alignment across all labeling content and Product Information Files (PIF)


Capture and control market-specific claims made on product and package labeling

labeling and artwork management for cosmetics

Accurate product and package labeling is an integral aspect of bringing new products to market while ensuring consumer safety. Consumers are central to how cosmetics companies develop and market their products. Consistency, accuracy and assurance across all labeling processes is essential to freeing up valuable resources to focus on creating impactful packaging.

Veraciti™ brings transparency and brand consistency across product claims, marketing and regulatory-approved content to ensure product and package labeling satisfies global regulatory and safety obligations. The solution enables individual teams to interact and rapidly complete project work, stay on schedule and deliver right first time labeling.

Cosmetics Case Study

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House of Cheatham achieves six-fold increase in artwork production with zero impact on payroll.

Jeff Carson, Executive Vice President, shares how House of Cheatham has responded to an almost exponential increase in global regulatory requirements by transforming its labeling and artwork management processes. Jeff also explains how adopting Kallik’s Veraciti  has provided increased oversight of the end-to-end business process allowing for precise action to eliminate costly bottlenecks and reduce time to market.

In selecting Kallik as their artwork and labeling management system, House of Cheatham also received a clear ROI and a partner for life… Watch the video to find out more.