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The FDA states that 'all labels and other written, printed, or graphic matters upon any article or any of its containers or wrappers, or accompanying such an article [...] labeling may include packaging, product inserts, web sites, and other promotional materials'. Kallik's end-to-end life sciences labeling supply chain fully meets these exacting requirements.

Focused on Pharmaceutical Labeling

Safe 1

Ensure comprehensive FDA and EU-compliant labeling to minimize the risk of counterfeit medicines entering the supply chain

Global 0

Implement flexible, standardized labeling strategies that de-risk your entry into promising emerging markets

Digital 0

Accelerate adoption of ISO IDMP data model and alignment with EU telematics requirements

Unified 0

Align product and package labeling with RIM, MDM, ERP and PLM systems to eliminate multiple versions of the truth

Accurate 0

Reduce the volume of manual data transfer between multiple systems that otherwise could introduce errors

Optimal 0

Eliminate unnecessary time and effort spent on repetitive manual tasks that lead to needless errors and non-compliance

labeling and artwork management for pharmaceutical companies


Bespoke and often document-centric approaches to labeling deployed across the pharmaceutical industry are just not keeping pace with increasing pharmacovigilance and regulatory requirements.  Increased global focus on serialization and new industry standards including ISO IDMP both require a new approach to managing content to enable robust traceability across manufacturer, provider, patient and regulator domains.  Current document-led approaches are simply no longer viable.

By choosing Veraciti™, organizations are released from the constraints imposed by legacy and home grown labeling solutions.  This allows them to embrace new market opportunities ahead of their competitors while ensuring optimal processes for existing products and markets.