Connect your packaging and labeling supply chain from end to end

Veraciti™ provides a lightning-fast open platform that connects and integrates your complete labeling supply chain. Anyone from developers to business users have the tools available to assemble content from multiple platforms including regulatory and product information and company master data.

Kallik's RESTful Application Programming Interface (API) makes it easy to integrate Veraciti into your existing applications enabling you to read and write securely, import, update, and retrieve data, documents, symbols and barcodes effectively,

Integrate With Existing Mission Critical Business Applications

Labeling and Artwork Management Integrations

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Veraciti seamlessly integrates with ERP systems such as SAP to ensure that the right, up to date product data is automatically used for your artwork and labeling needs. Master labeling data and components are easily imported and maintained for review, revision, approval and distribution. Work orders and batch data are connected in real time with ERP-initiated factory print instructions, ensuring that you are accurately managing and printing your labels on demand.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a critical part of product development. Regulated organizations must meticulously plan the entire lifecycle of any product and maintain clear visibility into its creation or modification throughout this process. Packaging and labeling demand specific attention and for this reason, Veraciti integrates in real-time with your chosen PLM solution to ensure that relevant product information is reflected accurately in both systems and that critical product label information is consistently up-to-date and accurate.

Regulatory Information Management (RIM)

Life science and medical device and diagnostics companies need to organize their worldwide portfolio and health agency correspondence by product, product family, applications and regions. They need to compete in an increasingly complex regulatory environment where labeling forms a critical component. including support for 510(k), PMA, De Novo and HDE regulations. Veraciti quickly and efficiently integrates with Regulatory Information Management (RIM) systems sharing data, symbols and warnings to accelerate approvals and time to market while ensuring you stay compliant.

Global Source of Labeling Truth

With Veraciti™,  label design, review, approval and print processes become a seamless part of a tight data driven product lifecycle management process with full visibility of all labeling activity whatever the product configuration and wherever it needs assembling and marketing. 

Kallik’s RESTful web services integration supports the transfer of both static content and variable manufacturing run-time data between systems, including lot numbers, barcodes and expiry dates, ensuring full traceability and compliance with UDI and product serialization requirements.

In this way, the Veraciti platform ensures that trusted labeling content is managed as a critical part of your integrated brand and product proposition with accuracy, consistency and compliance data throughout its lifecycle.

Kallik is a global source of labeling truth