Discover the power of Veraciti™

Veraciti is the global enterprise labeling solution that brings trust, transparency and agility to the end-to-end labeling process. Life Sciences, Medical Device and Diagnostics, Chemicals and Cosmetics companies depend on Veraciti to guarantee integrity and traceability across all forms of print, packaging and electronic labeling.

Trust in the Cloud

Global Source of Labeling Truth


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  • Automatic Artwork Generation
  • ERP and PLM Integration


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  • Accelerated Inspection, Review and Approval
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail


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  • Late Stage Factory Printing
  • Integrated e-Labeling

Enterprise Label Library

Your Global Source of Labeling Truth

Veraciti Enterprise Label Library

Access a 360 view of your entire labeling and artwork lifecycle

Your Source of Labeling Truth

Veraciti is built on a secure, powerful Enterprise Label Library for all types of labeling-specific digital components and composite assets. It includes library services for content creation, management, organization, production and distribution.

Designed for Packaging and Labeling

Veraciti is specifically designed to manage components of text, facilitating comprehensive translation management as well as very large artwork, approved labels, symbols and marketing materials.

Wherever You Need It

Using built-in “Where Used?” functionality provides visibility into every labeling component, enabling quick discovery and replacement of digital assets throughout the supply chain.

Veraciti Enterprise Label Library


Transform your labeling and artwork creation


Assemble Artwork Dynamically

Generate artwork from components and fragments to carry the assembly, auditability and traceability all the way to factory print or release to the web.

Simplify Change Management

Manage complex hierarchies of product, SKU and packaging materials through a comprehensive Brief Manager.

Increase Compliance

Facilitate traceability and auditability through increased collaboration and direct integration to Product data, Lifecycle and Regulatory Information Management systems.


Streamline your global review and approval process

Built for Regulatory Reviewers

Veraciti streamlines Medical, Legal and Regulatory (MLR) review for all asset types, including multimedia content, by delivering automated versioning, powerful search, and real-time inspection, annotation and comparison tools.

Configurable Workflow Engine

Configurable workflows allow you to tailor approval processes to functional and geography-specific needs. Features like CFR21 part 11 electronic signature and audit trail ensure accountability throughout the process.

Ensure Compliance and Quality

Comprehensive history log and time-stamped audit trail quickly satisfy regulatory audit and time to approve/ resource bottleneck reports facilitate accelerated time to market.

Review & Approve


Extend control and traceability through the physical and digital supply chain


Right for the Factory

Eliminating the inconsistencies of legacy factory labeling systems; Veraciti extends control and traceability direct to the factory so that the latest approved content can be directly delivered to print compliant labels removing significant cost, complexity and regulatory risk.

Right on Time

Veraciti's integrated enterprise architecture facilitates late stage and digital printing and provides freedom for manufacturers to connect to printers anywhere in the organisation or to print on demand at third party manufacturers.

Right Online and Mobile

Delivering what consumers, patients and HCP want most, information at their fingertips; Veraciti supports eLabeling and smart labeling. Publish IFUs to your website with the click of a button, review workflows via your mobile and more.