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Kallik ensures compliance and strategic alignment with both existing and emerging labeling and artwork regulations in the chemicals industry.  Automation enables reduced costs, improved safety and minimizes the risks of counterfeit products entering the supply chain. Our software, Veraciti™, is able to ensure that your product and package labeling aligns with safety data sheets and carries the correct hazard statements, precautionary statements and pictograms.



Minimize the risk to distributor and consumer health with accurate, compliant and legible safety statements and symbols



Prevent counterfeiting and enhance brand protection through high-quality font controls and file distribution



Decrease the risk of errors by reducing human involvement, with automated artwork creation and rules based decision making



Our software ensures labeling aligns with chemical safety data sheets for transparency from formulations and processes to finished product



Accelerate time-to-market through process improvement visualized through comprehensive real-time reporting and analytics



Ensure compliance with CLP, GHS, COSHH, EPA and NHTSA regulations and labeling requirements

How Kallik Can Help Chemical Organizations

Kallik has a wide range of expertise in this field from working with well known global chemical organizations. Our software, Veraciti, is able to automate decision making processes, ensuring compliance with market regulations and protecting consumer safety.  We closely collaborate with our customers to ensure that our software evolves to align with their changing needs.


Kallik’s Veraciti is the only labeling and artwork management software that provides a true end-to-end enterprise solution, from managing individual components all the way through to the printing stage. You can find out more about Veraciti, here.

Compliant Artwork and Labeling

Chemical regulations are continually subject to change.  At Kallik, we ensure that chemical companies maintain compliance with present and upcoming chemical regulatory requirements.

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