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Kallik provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with a competitive advantage through offering an end-to-end labeling and artwork management solution which drives compliance with increasing pharmacovigilance and regulatory requirements. Our software enables robust traceability across manufacturer, provider, patient and regulator domains, releasing them from the constraints imposed by legacy and home grown labeling solutions.



Ensure comprehensive FDA and EU-compliant labeling to minimize the risk of counterfeit medicines entering the supply chain



Implement flexible, standardized labeling strategies that de-risk entry into promising emerging markets



Accelerate adoption of ISO IDMP data model and alignment with EU Telematics requirements



Align product and package labeling with RIM, MDM, ERP and PLM systems to provide a single source of truth



Full traceability and transparency over the life sciences supply chain with detailed audit trails of all actions



Minimize the risk of human errors, ensure compliance and improve efficiency with automated artwork and rules-based decision making

How Kallik Can Help Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Kallik has a wealth of experience working with life sciences organizations and manufacturers. Our label and artwork management solution, Veraciti™ is continuously adapting to the changing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.  At Kallik, we work to ensure our customers needs’ are catered for while helping them achieve their business goals.


Veraciti is the only end-to-end labeling and artwork management software, meaning it supports the lifecycle of your organization’s labeling from the asset and phrase managers through to factory printing and distribution.

Compliant Artwork and Labeling


Pharmaceutical organizations operate within a highly regulated environment and are constantly facing changing regulatory requirements. Learn more about how Kallik can help pharmaceutical companies stay compliant with ongoing and future regulations here:

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