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Kallik can drive speed to market, consumer safety and reduced operational costs for food and beverage organizations through ensuring compliant labeling and artwork. Our end-to-end labeling and artwork management solution provides full transparency and reporting to address bottlenecks. Efficiency is enhanced through artwork automation, task routing and centralized data storage, enabling rapid new product introduction and helping food and beverage companies maintain their competitive edge in the market.



Enhance the rate of new product introduction while reducing operational costs



Execute workable, regimented labeling strategies to bypass risks when entering new, emerging markets across the globe



Guarantees that product labeling is compliant with local regulations



Easily manage individual claims made on product and packaging labels



In depth audit trails of all activity across the food and beverage supply chain



Minimize potential human errors, guarantee compliance and enhance efficiency with automatically generated artwork and an intelligent rules engine

How Kallik Can Help Food & Beverage Companies

Kallik works with a plethora of organizations in highly regulated industries, helping them to transform their labeling and artwork management processes for the better. Our software, Veraciti™, is continually evolving to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements that impact Food & Beverage organizations. By working closely with our customers, we are able to meet their needs and help them achieve their business goals; driving consistency, accuracy and quality assurance across the entire labeling process.


Regulatory requirements for the food and beverages industry are continually evolving.  We help organizations in highly regulated industries to stay compliant with present and forthcoming regulations. Kallik is the only labeling and artwork management software provider who offers a true end-to-end enterprise solution, from asset management through to print. Our solution enables individual teams to interact and rapidly complete project work, stay on schedule and deliver right first time labeling while contributing to consumer safety. Find out more about our software, Veraciti, here.

Compliant Artwork and Labeling

In the food and beverage industry, regulatory compliance is hugely important. With regulations constantly changing as well as new ones on the horizon, Kallik are committed to ensuring that food and beverage organizations stay compliant. Learn more about how we enable good manufacturing practice across highly regulated industries here:

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