Maximize Compliance.

Minimize Reworks.

Our cloud-based labeling and artwork management solution lets you make changes digitally, quickly, and easily, all within one integrated system. Go to market faster with standardized and scalable global operations. Gain total regulatory confidence and get it right first time, every time.

Global Digital Transformation

Total Regulatory Confidence

Rapid Speed to Market

AI-driven artwork management

Our software offers a seamless solution for creating, editing, approving, and producing labels and artworks swiftly. By streamlining these processes, it enhances your work efficiency, reduces manual labor, and minimizes the need for product reworks. This is especially crucial in an era where safety, cost-effectiveness, and compliance hold utmost importance.

End-to-end labeling management

Our enterprise labeling software gives you a single source of truth for all of your artwork and labeling in one seamless solution, ensuring global consistency across all brands. Built 100% on the cloud, every part of your enterprise, your partners, and your distributors can all connect to the same system giving you complete control and visibility.

Empowering global companies to be 
more compliant, efficient and dynamic.

What are the benefits of Kallik labeling solutions?

Enhance the visibility, accuracy, and security of your labels and artworks no matter where you are in the world.


Cutting edge enterprise labeling & artwork management

Powered by AI and hosted entirely on the cloud, our end-to-end labeling and artwork management software delivers performance through the latest technology, enabling enterprise organizations to transform their labeling process. 

With the latest technology built-in, and continuous updates via the cloud, you can ensure you stay ahead of the competition, with faster speed to market and total regulatory confidence.

Labeling design software

Automated Artwork Generation

Automatically generate artworks using pre-approved assets, kept secure and visible in our asset and phrase manager. Use either intelligent pre-approved templates, or enable your designers to stream directly to Adobe Indesign or Illustrator.

Search, change, and swap out assets over thousands of labels at once using our 'Where used' asset search functionality, greatly improving efficiency and compliance and enabling you to go to market faster.

How could going to market weeks earlier boost your business?

With Kallik, you could improve your cycle times by up to 70%, meaning a faster speed to market, competitive advantage, and more sales.

Book a demo today to see how our software streamlines your end-to-end labeling and artwork process, bringing together asset and phrase management, automatic artwork generation, approvals, and more, all in one cloud-based system to get your labels right, first time, every time. 


Speed up labeling
Regulated Industries artwork labeling

Custom-built for regulated industries

Our enterprise artwork and labeling management software is designed specifically for regulated industries, giving you confidence in maximizing compliance with your specific industry regulations.

Whether driven by localized market requirements, merger and acquisition or the launch of a new product, our software can ensure that your organization completes artwork and labeling projects with speed and compliance. Select your industry below for more information on how we can help you.


24/7 365 Customer Support

Wherever you are across the globe, whatever time of day and night it is, we have a member of our helpful support team to respond to your needs. Our customer representatives are always available for your call. Whatever your issue is, we have someone who will be able to help you.​

In addition, you'll have a dedicated customer excellence account manager to ensure you get the most out of your software and assist you on your transformational journey. 



Össur Case Study

Össur improves global business operations and streamline compliance activities with Kallik



Industry specific artwork and labeling management

Our labeling software is specifically tailored to your industry to ensure maximum compliance, enhanced efficiency and a solution tailored to your organization.

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