Cosmetics labeling and artwork management software

Kallik provides cosmetics companies with transparency and brand consistency across product claims, marketing and regulatory-approved content to ensure their product and package labeling satisfies global regulatory and safety obligations. Our expertise and automation technology aligns strategically with evolving labeling and artwork legislation, supporting the dynamic brand strategies of the cosmetics industry. 


Ensure compliance and brand control for cosmetics

Our enterprise artwork and labeling management software is designed specifically for regulated industries, giving you confidence in maximizing compliance with FDA and EU industry regulations.

With full audit logs, pre-approved assets and phrases stored in one central cloud-based system, you have full control and visibility of your full product range, ensuring brand consistency and regulatory compliance.


Go to market faster

With advanced features such as AI-enabled onboarding and migration, and cloud implementation, you can maximize your return on investment sooner and save time and money. 

Streamline your product artwork and label management ​process with pre-approved assets, approval workflows and automatic artwork generation, allowing you to go to market faster and achieve a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Cosmetics labeling software for manufacturers

Kallik has a wealth of experience working with cosmetics and other regulated industry organizations and manufacturers. Our label and artwork management solution, Veraciti™ is continuously adapting to the changing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Get in touch today and see how Kallik can benefit your labeling and artwork management process.

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Cosmetics Software

Ensure Compliance

Ensure comprehensive FDA and EU-compliant labeling to minimize the risk of counterfeit medicines entering the supply chain


Standardize Global Operations

Maintain consistency and ensure alignment across all labeling content and Product Information Files (PIF)

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Go to Market Faster

Digitize and streamline your labeling process, allowing you to make changes and approve labels faster and go to market sooner 

Cosmetics Accuracy

Deliver Accuracy

Deliver consistent labeling imagery and statements on all packaging and promotional materials

Full audit trails & logs

Ensure Traceability

Complete traceability and transparency across the medical device supply chain with detailed audit trails of all activity

Automated artwork creation

Automate Your Processes

Reduce the risk of human errors, ensure compliance and increase efficiency with automated artwork and rules-based decisions

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House of Cheatham Case Study

House of Cheatham increases artwork production with zero impact on payroll


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How Kallik Works

Enterprise labeling and artwork management software

Learn more about how our fully end-to-end labeling and artwork management solution utilizes AI, the cloud, and advanced artwork generation through intelligent templates to deliver best-in-class performance for complex enterprise organizations.


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