Oil & lubricants labeling management software

Kallik delivers greater speed to market, enables anti-counterfeiting and drives compliance across vast global product portfolios. Whether driven by product launches into emerging markets, or the need to improve efficiencies of business operations, our software can ensure that your organization completes artwork and labeling projects with speed and control.  


Ensure compliance and brand control

Our enterprise artwork and labeling management software is designed specifically for regulated industries, giving you confidence in maximizing compliance with oil & lubricant regulations.

With full audit logs, pre-approved assets and phrases stored in one central cloud-based system, you have full control and visibility of your full product range, ensuring brand consistency and regulatory compliance.


Go to market faster

With advanced features such as AI-enabled onboarding and migration, and cloud implementation, you can maximize your return on investment sooner and save time and money. 

Streamline your product artwork and label management ​process with pre-approved assets, approval workflows and automatic artwork generation, allowing you to go to market faster and achieve a competitive advantage over your competitors.


Oil & lubricants labeling software for manufacturers

Kallik has a wealth of experience working with oil and lubricant manufacturers. Our label and artwork management solution, Veraciti™ is continuously adapting to the changing requirements of the oil and lubricant industry.  Get in touch today and see how Kallik can benefit your labeling and artwork management process.

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Oil lubricants Software

Ensure Compliance

Sustain regulatory compliance with CLP, GHS, COSHH, EPA and NHTSA regulations and labeling requirements


Standardize Global Operations

Implement flexible, standardized labeling strategies that de-risk entry into promising emerging markets

quick response

Go to Market Faster

Digitize and streamline your labeling process, allowing you to make changes and approve labels faster and go to market sooner 



Supports anti-counterfeiting and brand protection through robust font controls and file distribution

Full audit trails & logs

Ensure Traceability

Complete traceability and transparency across the oil and lubricants supply chain with detailed audit trails of all activity

Automated artwork creation

Automate Your Processes

Reduce the risk of human errors, ensure compliance and increase efficiency with automated artwork and rules-based decisions

Oil & Lubricants Case Study

World-leading oil and lubricants manufacturer takes back control with Kallik's help


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How Kallik Works

Enterprise labeling and artwork management software

Book a demo with our expert labeling and artwork team to see the software in action and how your organization can go to market faster, ensure total regulatory compliance, and gain total visibility across your product labels and artworks.


How Kallik works

How Kallik Works