Labeling Management

Enterprise labeling
management software

Our end-to-end labeling management software holds a secure, up-to-date, and approved set of digital assets, both content and data, all in one auditable, automated cloud-based labeling solution.

By collapsing multiple individual siloed artwork and labeling processes down to a single standard and central process, we help large enterprise organizations to simplify the complex and go to market faster. 

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Labeling management software
Asset & Phrase Management

Asset & Phrase Management

Automated artwork creation

Automatic Label Generation

Full audit trails

Full Audit Log

Intelligent design engine

'Where Used' Search Tool

AI onboarding and migration

AI Onboarding & Migration

Maximise compliance

Full Approval Flows

Minimize reworks

Rules Based Engine

Intelligent templates

Intelligent Label Templates

Make changes quickly & securely

Revolutionize your label management and effortlessly implement tens of thousands of changes securely at the click of a button, a process that would take up to six months with conventional processes. 

With our 'Where Used' search tool, save time identifying labels using their own content and individual assets. Search, change, approve, and print thousands of labels all from one cloud-based labeling system with full audit logs. 

Recognised as a leader in labeling software

Why kallik?

“With our innovative software solution, we empower enterprises to gain comprehensive control and enhanced visibility over their labeling operations. By seamlessly integrating live data during printing and efficiently handling label variants, our software simplifies the management and printing of potentially thousands of label variations.“

CEO: Gurdip Singh


AI-enabled migration & onboarding

Get up and running fast with our innovative AI onboarding tool AToM. AToM extracts labels in any format, generates Intelligent Templates (templates with regulatory or brand logic built into them), creates a single reusable clean artwork management and labeling System of Record and seamlessly transforms complex data landscapes into digitized solutions.

This ensures precision and correctness on the first attempt, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reducing the likelihood of mistakes throughout the product life cycle.


Total regulatory confidence in your labels

Label errors and product recalls can have serious consequences. With full audit logs and an advanced approval system built in, you can ensure your labels are right the first time, every time. 

Our advanced comparison tool identifies the differences between versions so approvers can focus on reviewing the changes. Once the artwork or label has been approved, the latest version is stored in the Asset Manager, with full version history and change log complete with a21 CFR Part 11 / EU GMP Annex 11 compliant electronic signature.



Automated Label Generation

Automatically generate labels using pre-approved assets, kept secure and visible in our asset and phrase manager. Use either intelligent pre-approved templates, or enable your designers to stream directly to Adobe Indesign or Illustrator.

Search, change, and swap out assets over thousands of labels at once using our 'Where used' asset search functionality, greatly improving efficiency and compliance and enabling you to go to market faster.


Go to market faster

With the ability to see all label variants across thousands of products at a glance, we help you to digitally transform your labeling process, reducing your cycle times by up to 70%.

Improve your speed to market for new product launches, label updates and rebrands, making your business more profitable and keeping you ahead of competitors.

How Kallik Works

Enterprise labeling and artwork management software

Learn more about how our fully end-to-end labeling and artwork management solution utilizes AI, the cloud, and advanced artwork generation through intelligent templates to deliver best-in-class performance for complex enterprise organizations.


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Industry specific artwork and labeling management

Our labeling software is specifically tailored to your industry to ensure maximum compliance, enhanced efficiency and a solution tailored to your organization.

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