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Tamworth, UK – 13 June 2019 – Global provider of labeling and artwork management solutions, Kallik, is launching an update to its Veraciti (AMS360) solution – its Release 6, transforming the experience of the business user, whilst defining new benchmarks for speed, accuracy, and efficiency of global labelling and artwork processes. More complex and competitive marketplaces, weaker margins, and increasing enforcement of regulations, place ever-increasing challenges on managing larger and more diverse product portfolios across ever-developing channels. Being able to prove compliance is paramount within labeling.


With Release 6, not only are diverse product portfolios centralized in one single cloud-based platform, achieving transparency across all channels, but compliance can be demonstrated within seconds. For the first time, global organizations are able to derive printed and electronic labeling from one integrated solution. Release 6 is driven by the latest web technologies, maximizing user experience whilst providing greater data oversight and transparency. A brand-new user interface simplifies content collation whilst providing greater visibility of assigned tasks and progress. Responding to demands for more tailored products and local market regulations, the solution delivers greater volumes of components that can be assigned to a labeling project without any degradation in performance.


Ashley Goldie, Managing Director of Kallik, said: “Global organizations now have the ability to source an integrated solution which provides complete oversight and data transparency across both printed and electronic labeling. Not only is a faster user experience being offered with this update, it also brings new productivity gains to activities such as data capture, content collation and impact analysis. “Release 6 of Veraciti (AMS360) redefines the benchmarks for accuracy and efficiency of global labeling. With organizations seeking to derive greater efficiencies whilst continuing to satisfy increasingly stringent legislation and regulation, we truly believe it is a very needed and necessary solution.” Release 6 adheres to these principles by eliminating costly and inefficient processes, reducing risk of non-compliance, enabling optimal use of labeling resources across the entire global organization.