Diversey Consolidates Labeling Processes And Cuts Global Supply Chain Costs
Diversey Consolidates Labeling Processes And Cuts Global Supply Chain Costs

Ensuring brand consistency and managing country-specific label variants can be challenging, and never more so than during periods of acquisition and divestiture. But that’s not the case at sustainable cleaning products leader Diversey, a Netherlands-based company that delivers cleaning and hygiene technologies to customers across its global sectors. Since adopting Veraciti™, Diversey has seen reduced costs, improved overall productivity and increased transparency.


Having built up a successful pan-European business supplying cleaning products to the consumer and manufacturing sector, Diversey’s next step was to consolidate its multiple in-country specific manufacturing processes.

Moving to a single global operation presented the challenge of how to manage tens of thousands of artwork changes without risking non-compliance through introducing uncontrolled variations. “Each local Diversey national operating unit had the same item and in many cases, the information and formulation were the same,” points out the company’s Information and Process Development Lead in its UK office at Alfreton, Neil Harvey.

“Lacking a master global file, local affiliates would interpret requirements differently, which led to labeling inconsistencies. To drive down costs, we wanted to produce a graphically consistent label with multi-language information.

“We knew what we wanted — but there was nothing on the market that could do this until we spoke to Kallik.”

“Harmonizing the entire Central European region also meant we had to deal with Cyrillic fonts and multiple languages,” comments Diversey’s Chemicals Commercialization Lead for Europe Henk-Jan Van Pesch. “Our current system was not capable of handling these in a uniform way, and this became one of our main drivers for change.”

How Kallik helped

Ahead of consolidating label creation and approval, Diversey was using email to approve artworks, but the almost constant stream of updates driven by country-specific regulatory changes and differing language combinations were proving impossible to track using this approach.

Embedding proper workflow approvals, as well as multiple language support, were therefore key selection criteria. In addition, Diversey’s leadership had identified that any solution would need to:

  • Capture all label content in a single solution
  • Manage and version all phrases, imagery and translations
  • Offer flexibility to work with artwork studios and/or fully automate artwork creation
  • Enable in-country operations to fully participate in change management
  • Empower business users through presenting accurate and timely information in a simple way.



Following successful embedding of Veraciti into all Diversey’s key labeling and artwork management processes, the customer reports that its logistics, manufacturing and supply chain teams have become the greatest advocates of the solution, as each is now benefitting from vastly improved inventory management.

Global change management has been greatly simplified, with the costs of producing graphically consistent labels with multi-language content being significantly reduced.

Veraciti was a key enabler in driving down complexity in the print supply chain, confirms Van Pesch. “It has also enabled us to increase artwork production capacity without increasing numbers of staff,” he says, commenting how, “The ability to ensure exact placement of graphics means that we can leverage greater return from investment in print plates through their re-use.”

“Kallik was the catalyst for us to centralize production, logistics and SKU management. Without Veraciti, this would not have been possible,” says Harvey. “Veraciti’s powerful Phrase Library, Asset Manager and Workflows have also allowed us to double the number of artworks we manage across Eastern Europe using the same number of people. Being cloud-based, the Kallik solution also means we no longer have the hassle of global databases not synchronizing.”

Van Pesch points out that, “The way in which Veraciti prompts and drives the process while allowing local markets to manage the necessary legal and regulatory requirements for each country, delivers global design consistency.

“The solution also provides a complete audit log of the approvals process, making it much easier for us to demonstrate compliance.”

Additional Benefits:

  • 13,000 approx. customer artworks across Europe being managed by one solution, Veraciti
  • One solution used across over 50 countries and 500-plus users simplifies traceability and compliance
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